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Sound Equipment

Want to understand more about audio?

Jumpstart your audio creation journey with Robbo, the expert who's been in the game for 35 years, navigating from the era of tape to today's digital mastery.
Whether you're making your first foray into producing content or aiming to level up your audio editing and production skills, Robbo is the ally you need.
Robbo's extensive experience covers everything from working with top ad agencies and broadcasting powerhouses to producing chart-topping podcasts and setting up home studios. He's the go-to source for practical advice and insider tips on improving your voice quality, customizing presets for your setup, or even building the ideal recording space for podcasts or voice-overs.

Designed with your unique needs in mind, Robbo's one-on-one coaching sessions offer tailored guidance to help you achieve your audio goals. And if you're looking for quick fixes to specific problems, Robbo's Audio Help Desk is ready to deliver the solutions you need, right when you need them. Let Robbo guide you through the intricacies of sound, making high-quality audio more accessible and understandable.

What can I Learn?

While classrooms can be ideal for certain types of learning, mastering audio often requires a more hands-on approach. Spend an hour with Robbo to get direct, personalized answers to your audio questions, or to learn the ins and outs of your own Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Previous users have leveraged this service to explore a variety of topics, such as:

  • Enhancing voice quality and blending it seamlessly into mixes

  • Crafting superior Radio Imaging

  • Recording interviews effectively using specific Workstations

  • Mixing audio for video content

  • Optimizing audio mixes for YouTube videos

  • Speeding up editing workflows

  • Setting up efficient recording templates for podcasts

  • Troubleshooting and improving home studio acoustics


This one-on-one session with Robbo is tailored to unlock your audio potential, offering you the insider knowledge to elevate your skills, whether you're creating podcasts, mixing for videos, or building your dream home studio. Book just one session, or book a bunch, the choice is up to you. The only limit is your audio curiosity.


Darren "Robbo" Robertson has been actively involved in the Audio business since his first Radio job back in 1988.

Since then he has worked in Radio and TV, as well as with some of the biggest Advertising and Broadcasting names from around the world... 

Over the years his roles have seen him placed in many high-pressure situations, and working with a wide variety of clients and formats, all the way from podcasts to long-form TV , Live Broadcast and more.

It's this experience he will draw on to create a training session/s based on your specific needs...

Just some of his satisfied clients


How Does It Work?

Robbo brings a wealth of knowledge from both the analog and digital audio worlds into personalized coaching sessions. With over 35 years as an audio engineer, he's ready to share insights that can transform you into an audio pro.


These sessions, conducted via Zoom, are designed to fast-track your skills:

  • Start with a 15-minute prep talk to set your goals and plan your session with Robbo.

  • Dive into a 1-hour intensive coaching session, featuring live screen shares and hands-on practice on your DAW under Robbo's guidance.

  • Receive a video copy of your session to revisit anytime, freeing you up from note-taking during the live session.

  • Benefit from a follow-up email to address any questions as you apply what you've learned.


This structured yet flexible approach ensures you get the most out of your time with Robbo, catering to all your audio engineering queries and needs.

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