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JustAskRobbo is such a valuable resource for me.


I have been podcasting for over a decade and am highly technical, but occasionally, I run into things I have never seen before.


I got a call from a client who wanted me to do live podcasting for him aboard a cruise ship.


Most interviews would be with staff and some customers, but we also needed to get a whole bunch of B Roll sound for the background.


Sound isolation would be vital to conducting great interviews.


I knew that I needed special equipment to get the best sound and record on the fly, but where to begin, I did not have a clue.


Robbo got on a Zoom call with me. We talked through the scenario and talked about budgets, objectives and concerns.


He then compiled a list of equipment for me and where to purchase it for the best pricing and service.


When the equipment arrived, I went online with Robbo, and we worked together for an hour to set up everything and calibrate levels.


It is never a thought for me. When I am beyond my area of expertise, and I need help with anything to do with sound, Robbo is the only one I call.

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