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Radio Imaging 

Robbo has been imaging radio stations since the late 80s.

Since then he's imaged stations in markets all around the globe in a wide variety of formats: News/Talk, Country, Rock, AC, HOT AC, CHR, Classic Hits and in markets as varied as South East Asia, North America, the United Kingdom, South Africa and more…
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Ben Berger - Smile FM

​Slick, professional and on point.

The scripts you wrote were what we had in our heads but just couldn't get on paper.


And the production? Well... let's just say Capetown got a real treat!

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Andy Huxton - i98

Robbos a pleasure to work with. 


Here at i98 we trust him to create an image for our station that resonates with our listeners, and to be honest he constantly nails it!!!


Proactive, professional and killer sounds, a true pleasure to work with.


Steven Choo - KISS 92

We'd like to thank you for your awesome work which is sounding GREAT on-air!

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Sound Equipment
  • Scripts

  • Promos

  • Sweepers and IDs

  • Jingles

  • Audio Logos

  • Program Creation

  • Production Consulting

  • Idea Generation 

  • Morning and afternoon show Imaging. 


Just ask Robbo and Turn your station into a brand with his radio imaging services.

Enjoy professional quality radio imaging production services – from power intros to general imaging and promos. Get in touch to get a free quote on any or all of the below within a matter of hours.

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Some of our clients:

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Why Radio Imging

Why Ask Robbo?

Outsourcing your station's imaging can be a veritable minefield of choices. Which Voice do we use? What sounds are right for our format? How do we get the right feel? What IS the right feel? Who can write the scripts? What about Jingles and logos?

The answer? Just Ask Robbo! With 35 years at the top of the radio imaging game, he's well-positioned to provide new IDs, sweepers, power intros or promos for your station. You can expect high production quality and competitive pricing. 

Working with clients around the globe every day means he's got bucketloads of great ideas and a passion for great sound that most likely tops yours. Just get in touch and let him explain how he can make 35 years in the industry work to your advantage.

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