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Struggling with audio?
Just ask Robbo!

Dial up your audio game with "Just Ask Robbo," your on-demand audio expert! Boasting 35 years of audio production mastery and as the voice behind two popular audio-centric podcasts, Robbo is your immediate go-to for any audio puzzles.

If you're struggling with things like

  • Fixing specific problems with your recording/s

  • Noise or Distortion in your recordings

  • Setting up a recording space

  • What gear you need and what your budget should be

  • Setting up your equipment

  • A difficult edit that you can't get right


Or if you need a customised audio production training course or help or training on anything else to do with audio, click on the “Get Help Now” button below and book a session…

A new study by USC and the Australian National University shows that audio quality influences whether people believe what they hear — and whether they trust the source of information.

What Robbo Does

There are many ways Robbo supports his satisfied clients.

What can he do for you?



Tackle audio troubles head-on with Robbo's personalized solutions, whether it's a glitch in your podcast or a hiccup in your YouTube video soundtrack. Dive into expert one-on-one assistance tailored to elevate any audio component of your project, ensuring crystal-clear sound quality that captivates your audience.




Elevate your audio skills with Robbo, whether you're starting from scratch or aiming to enhance your social media videos with superior sound. Opt for customized, one-on-one training designed to fit your exact needs and skill level, transforming your audio work from basic to brilliant.



Transform your recording space with Robbo's expert consulting. From soundproofing advice to gear recommendations tailored to your budget, get personalized, one-on-one guidance to significantly improve the quality of your recordings and make professional-sounding audio a standard for your projects.

What Robbo Does


Darren "Robbo" Robertson, the creative force behind Voodoo Sound and co-host of The Imaging Hangout Podcast and The Pro Audio Suite Podcast, brings to the table nearly 35 years of crafting high-quality audio for TV, radio, and the web. His journey through Australia's top advertising agencies, media houses, and as the pioneer of Voodoo Sound, showcases his unmatched expertise across various audio landscapes—from radio imaging and advertising to online content, live broadcasts, podcasts, and more.


Robbo's vast experience ensures not only the resolution of any audio issue but also personalized training to elevate your skills. Whether you're navigating complex audio challenges or seeking to deepen your understanding of sound production, Robbo's guidance is tailored to your specific needs, promising clarity, quality, and impact in every project.

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"In today's content-rich world, standing out requires not just visibility but crystal-clear audio that ensures your message is heard, not lost in the noise.


Recognizing the gap for independent creators, 'Just Ask Robbo' was born out of 35 years of audio engineering expertise. It's dedicated to empowering you with professional audio quality, without the hefty price tag.


Whether it's resolving specific audio issues, mastering sound recording and mixing, selecting the right gear, or offering comprehensive audio coaching, Robbo provides the support to elevate your content's sound quality to professional levels.


Make your audio as impactful as your vision, affordably and effectively with Just Ask Robbo."

About just ask Robbo:

What Can I Ask Robbo


Bookshelf Broadcast



“I have been podcasting for over a decade and am highly technical, but occasionally, I run into things I have never seen before. When I am beyond my area of expertise, and I need help with anything to do with sound, Robbo is the only one I call.."

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