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Struggling with audio?
Just ask Robbo!


Imagine having an Audio Expert on hand to provide instant help when you have questions, or need a problem solved for your podcast, Online Radio Station, Video Production or anything to do with Audio!


With 35 years of audio experience in both live and post-production environments, and as the host of two audio-related podcasts, Robbo has the know-how to solve any issues you may be dealing with, and most importantly do it right now... 

If you're struggling with things like


  • Setting up a recording space

  • What gear you need 

  • Setting up your equipment

  • Fixing specific problems with your recording

  • A customised audio recording training course

or anything else audio-related, click on the “Help Me” button below and book in a session now…

A new study by USC and the Australian National University shows that audio quality influences whether people believe what they hear — and whether they trust the source of information.

In this day and age, anyone can create content. But GREAT content needs to be able to be seen and most importantly HEARD clearly, so your message doesn't literally get lost in the noise.

Many big production houses have their own in-house audio producers to create clear, well-defined audio for their podcasts, videos, and other content. So what about the little guy?

That's why I decided to start Just ask Robbo. Working as an audio engineer for the past 35 years has taught me that not everyone can afford to have professional-sounding audio done for them. However, what I can do through this service is provide the support you need to help you make your OWN audio sound as good as it deserves to be, and at a price point that's not out of reach.

Be it through helping you solve a one-off issue with your audio, coaching on a particular aspect of sound recording or mixing, advice on gear, room layout or remote recording for your podcast, or even ongoing coaching to help you understand audio in a more complex way, I can help.

About just ask Robbo:

What Can I Ask Robbo

Ben Baker - Your Brand Marketing

“I have been podcasting for over a decade and am highly technical, but occasionally, I run into things I have never seen before. When I am beyond my area of expertise, and I need help with anything to do with sound, Robbo is the only one I call.."
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