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Microphone Sound Editing

Having Issues with your Audio and not sure what to do?

Struggling with distorted recordings, echoing sounds, microphone issues, or unnatural editing in your content?
"Just Ask Robbo" for a stress-free solution. With a 30-minute live Zoom consultation, Robbo offers personalized online help to diagnose and fix your audio problems. Plus, you'll receive a video recording of your session for easy reference.
Experience patient, comprehensive support that ensures you're confident with your audio quality. Need deeper insights into audio disciplines? Explore Robbo's Audio Coaching for targeted training.

"The findings proved that when a presenter's audio quality is poor, i.e., laden with distortion and echo, their credibility falls by a staggering 19%."

 Curtis Judd - University of Southern California

"How Audio Quality Influences Perceptions of the Research and Researcher" 

Headphones and Keyboard

Relieve the stress...

Navigating the creative world can be daunting, especially when your work is out there for all to hear and see.


Naturally, you aim for the best sound quality possible to complement your content. Despite advancements in digital audio production, achieving flawless sound remains a complex task, fraught with potential pitfalls.


Enter Robbo's Audio Help Desk, your lifeline to hassle-free recording. With a live online consultation, Robbo leverages his extensive 35 years of experience in both live and post-production audio to swiftly pinpoint and solve any audio issues you face, ensuring your content sounds its absolute best.

Examples of some recent audio repairs:

1. Background Noise

Recording on location comes with its own set of challenges. The microphone's placement, the room's acoustics, background noise like air conditioning, and more, all influence the quality of your recording.

Check out this example to see how these issues were resolved after a client reached out to Just Ask Robbo.


00:00 / 00:15


00:00 / 00:15

2.  Clipping

Understanding gain is crucial when recording. It is a fancy Audio word for the amount the audio from your microphone is increased by the equipment you are recording on. If the gain is set too high, you might not notice it in your headphones, but your recording could be clipping, which means it's too loud and distorts on your device.

The good news, though: an audio engineer can sometimes fix this. Like when you reach out to Just Ask Robbo for help.


00:00 / 00:14


00:00 / 00:14

3.  Mixing

For the clearest podcast interviews, it's ideal if each person records their own audio. This way, you can adjust each speaker's volume for perfect harmony. But sometimes, you might have no choice but to record everyone on one track, making edits tricky. Like trying to unmix paint, once different sounds are recorded together, separating them later can be quite a challenge

There are some things you can do to help it along tho if you just ask Robbo.


00:00 / 00:32


00:00 / 00:31

Gary Bertwistle, The Mojo Files Podcast

“I thought that I'd screwed up the entire interview. The ONE guest I'd been chasing for months, and there were pops and clicks all the way through the recording. Thanks for saving the day Robbo"

How It Works

This is a one-on-one Zoom call with Robbo, an audio engineer with 35 years of experience in both live and post-production audio. During the call, he will...

  • Take a listen to your issue and discuss what options you have available to you in the editor you are currently working on.

  • If there is no obvious way for you to resolve the issue on your end, he will have you transfer the audio to him, and he will show you how to effectively deal with the issue using 3rd party plugins and audio editing techniques whilst on the video call.

  • He will also discuss with you ways to avoid the issue happening again. 


Whatever happens, you will leave the call with "fixed" audio (or he will refund your fee), and a video of the call for future reference.

This is a personal one-on-one call, and Robbo will record it so you're not spending your time taking notes.

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