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Expert Guidance for Audio Excellence.

Unlock your potential with Just Ask Robbo.


Whether you're working in a professional studio or a home setup, Robbo’s experience in live broadcast and post-production brings you top-notch audio consulting tailored to your needs. Benefit from personalized guidance to enhance your audio quality, optimize your setup, and improve your production efficiency.

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Master Your Sound: Expert Audio Consulting with Robbo

Take your audio projects up a notch with Robbo, an expert with 35 years of experience in both live broadcast and post-production environments. "Just Ask Robbo" provides personalized audio consulting services tailored to meet the needs of professionals and home-based producers alike. Whether you're a corporate team tasked with producing high-quality training videos, a vlogger aiming to enhance your podcast's sound, or somewhere in between, Robbo’s expertise is your gateway to superior audio quality and production efficiency.

Robbo’s consulting service focuses on optimizing your workflow, improving your recording setups, and developing effective production strategies that save time and boost the quality of your output. With a deep understanding of the latest audio technology and production techniques, Robbo can help you navigate the complexities of audio equipment setup, from selecting the right microphone to configuring sophisticated editing software. His hands-on approach ensures that you not only learn the fundamentals but also master advanced techniques to take your productions to the next level.

By booking a session with Robbo, you gain access to customized advice and practical solutions designed to tackle your specific audio challenges. Whether you’re setting up a new studio, looking to refine your editing workflow, or need tips on creating engaging content, Robbo’s guidance will provide the support you need to succeed. Transform your audio productions with expert advice—book your consultation today and start making sound improvements that resonate with your audience.

Streamline Your Workflow


Efficient Editing:

Learn shortcuts and techniques that save time.


Simplified Management:

Organise your audio and

session files effectively.


Enhanced Productivity:

Implement strategies to boost your output.


Listener/Viewer Targeting:

Understand what your audience wants to hear.

“Robbo was invaulable in helping us target
our audience through audio. Our podcast
has been growing exponentailly since the get go”

Jon Corne. VP Growth and Special Projects 

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Secure Your Session:

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Develop Effective Strategies

Robbo’s guidance is designed to improve your production quality and audience engagement, no matter your setup size.

  • Content Planning: Develop strategies that capture and hold audience interest. Robbo’s expertise helps you plan content that resonates with your listeners and keeps them coming back for more.

  • Quality Improvement: Apply advanced audio techniques to enhance sound quality. With Robbo's deep understanding of sound optimization and audio quality improvement, your productions will sound professional and polished.

  • Audience Engagement: Use dynamic audio strategies to keep your audience engaged. Robbo's methods ensure your audio content not only attracts but also maintains audience interest through superior sound quality and innovative production techniques.

Get Started with Robbo

Are you ready to elevate your audio production? Click the “Get Help Now” button to book a consultation with Robbo and take your projects to the next level, no matter where you are in your audio journey. Whether you're looking to improve audio quality, optimize your workflow, or develop effective strategies, Robbo’s expertise will help you achieve professional results.

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